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Eisenkunstgussmuseum Büdelsdorf

Ahlmannallee 5
24782 Büdelsdorf, Deutschland


Information, reservation, booking +49 (0) 4331 43370 22

Opening hours until 31.03.2019

Opening hours
Varying opening hours / bank holidays
Opening hours from 01.04.2019


Single ticket:
5,00 Euro
3,00 Euro
Family ticket:
11,00 Euro
Groups of 20 and more:
3,00 Euro per person
School classes:
1,00 Euro per person

Entrance is free on Sundays!

The entrance ticket to the Ornamental Cast Iron Museum also entitles you to visit the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg during the course of the next 7 days.

Reduced prices are valid for: Children and youths, (6-16 years old), schoolchildren, apprentices, students, the disabled, receivers of ALG II [a type of German unemployment benefit], military service volunteers, voluntary services participants such as those taking a voluntary social year (FSJ), a voluntary ecological year (FÖJ), federal voluntary service (BFD), international voluntary youth service (IJFD), applicants for asylum and recognised refugees – respectively with valid documentation.

Family ticket: two adults with children of up to 16

Information for your visit

All exhibition rooms are accessible for visitors in a wheelchair and parents with a pram.

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