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Eisenkunstguss Museum Büdelsdorf is open. We have compiled all the important information for your visit HERE. As we are currently only allowed to allow admission to a limited number of guests at the same time, please contact our service before your visit to reserve a ticket: +49 (0) 4331 43370 22,

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Permanent exhibition

The Ornamental Cast Iron Museum Büdelsdorf shows some 180 exhibits in its permanent exhibition. It documents the development of cast iron and ornamental casting as well as the cultural-historical significance of the material during the 19th century. The spectrum of exhibited items ranges from statues of persons via the coal box and kiln plate to the coffee grinder and thread winder.

Numerous exhibits originate from the Carlshütte. However, as the phenomenon of “iron” cannot be referred to in an isolated manner for Schleswig-Holstein, but extends far beyond, the exhibition looks above and beyond the country’s borders.. Therefore, the multitude and quality is demonstrated based on cast iron products from further prominent industrial locations such as the Royal Prussian Iron Foundries, the Ilsenburg Ironworks, the Mägdesprung Ironworks or also Russian ironworks such as Kasli.

The Ornamental Cast Iron Museum Büdelsdorf which today belongs to the Schleswig-Holstein State Museums Foundation impresses with its exhibition, also because the exhibits are strikingly set in scene - also using “flowing iron”, a light installation which guides visitors through the building. Using state-of-the-art media technology, they learn more about the iron, the products and their history.

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